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Maxwell Rodes Park (MRP) - Brevard SA


Referee Assignor Jessica Lauer -

Date Time Field Age Gend Div. Home Visitor Referee AR1 AR2
11/20/21 11:30 AM MPR1 14 Female Sunshine* Brev Azzur O Coklar C Phillips P Gray
11/20/21 1:00 PM MPR1 14 Male EDP Brev Hunte C Phillips O Coklar P Gray
11/20/21 2:30 PM MPR1 16 Male EDP Brev Hunte P Gray C Phillips O Coklar
11/20/21 4:30 PM MPR1 15 Male FSPL* Ancient TCU C Phillips O Coklar P Gray

*Sunshine and FSPL Games pay cash at the game site


Open = Position Open

Pending = Awaiting Confirmation

Games in Blue = Sunday ; Games in Purple = Weekday

Referee Listed 1st; AR1 Listed 2nd; AR2 Listed 3rd