Referee Data Referees need to submit current referee information at the beginning of each season. Referees must submit current contact information in order to receive game assignments.


Availability Availability needs to be submitted no later than 7pm on Sunday night for the upcoming week. Make sure to note what teams you are associated with in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Availability should be sent to the following e-mail address: For those without internet access, leave a message at 321-480-7093. (Online form submission is preferred starting August 2008)


Assigning Process Initial assignments are based on referee grade and time of availability submission. Initial assignments are started Sunday evening. All availability received after this point will be used to fill open games.


Assignments Assignments will be posted online by Tuesday evening each week. However, they may be posted earlier. If there is a valid reason to drop a game, call 321-480-7093 and speak to Justin Lauer in person. All dropped games will be recorded in my drop log. Referees with numerous drops will receive lower priority in the assignment rotation.


Tournaments Each tournament or special event has its own referee website. Complete an application as requested on each specific site. Maps, Tournament Rules, etc, will be posted as they become available. Assignment information will also be posted. Typically, delays in announcing assignments take place due to the tournament schedule being released late.


No Show Please report any referees who fail to show up to their assigned matches. A no show offense will result in missing one week in the assignment rotation. Referees who gain a reputation for not showing up to games or backing out of games will be dropped from the rotation.


Player Passes Laminated player passes with a recent photo are required for all competitive games. No pass means no play. No photo on pass means no play. The player pass is the only form of identification that declares a player eligible to participate in a sanctioned competitive soccer match. BYSL recreational teams will play off of rosters only.


Game Reports Game reports need to be filed any time there is a card is issued, coach ejected, serious injury, or unusual incident. Check the application page on the website for more details on game reports. A downloadable USSF game report is available in the information section.


Contact If you have any open issues from the current weekend the best time to call is Sunday evening between 7pm-9pm. It is better to call when game situations are fresh on your mind.